Dental Treatments for Foreign Patients in Sao Paulo - Brazil


High standards, Knowledge, Experience, Responsibility, Transparency, Trust and Biosafety

In our clinic, we have the latest technology and facilities to perform specialized dental procedures with comfort, safety and hygiene.

ImplArt Clinic has today the experience of more than 5,000 implants placed, hundreds of cases of cosmetic dentistry solved and thousands of satisfied patients. These certifications enable us to solve even the most difficult cases in aesthetic dental, oral rehabilitation, orthodontics and dental implants.

The technologies used in ImplArt Clinic are aligned with the latest advances in dentistry worldwide. We can ensure this high standard because of the constant travel of our scientific coordinator, Dr Roberto Markarian to conferences and meetings in the US and Europe at least twice a year. The materials and techniques used here in ImplArt Clinic are the same as the best dental centers in the world. Only work with the best in order to offer you the best result with safety.


The main highlights of our treatments are:

  • Digital Radiology center for full diagnosis (X rays, and computed tomography)
  • Own dental Lab - high tech
  • Advanced ceramic materials such as zirconia and Emax.
  • Automated Impression systems with scanners
  • 3D Robot Milling Systems to design and produce teeth
  • Digital smiling planning
  • Day Clinic - Teeth in a day (in selected cases)
  • One stop Clinic (all specialties in one place)
  • High knowledge and technical standard in complex treatments with implants, aesthetics and oral rehabilitation


We are used to receive foreign patients, expatriated residents in Sao Paulo or even in other cities and countries. If you prefer, we can serve you in other languages for your comfort:

  • English (fluent)
  • Spanish (fluent)
  • Italian (intermediate)
  • French (basic)


We are located at the Paulista Avenue region, with easy access by car or metro.

For personalized assistance in languages other than Portuguese, please contact the website form or by email: Implart    @ (enter without spaces).



spa odontológico

Here, you are the highest priority. Our team, under the responsibility of Dr. Roberto Markarian, was trained to promote you a personalized treatment, with the quality you deserve. We thank you for trusting us your oral health, and hope to see you soon.

See below for photos of our facilities. Make an appointment and leave the work to us!


Build a relationship of trust is vital to our success. We understand that some patients may experience discomfort to go to the dentist, and therefore seek to make a difference by promoting a relaxed atmosphere, quiet, comfortable and with great reliability.


spa odontologico implart clinica de implante dentário



High standards

Our ideal is to improve the beauty of your smile through cosmetic treatments with the latest technology!



The control of contamination in our clinic is highly complete. The goal is to protect the patient and dentists contamination. We use both for all standards set by the relevant bodies such as chemicals and autoclave. This concern is even more important in surgical treatments such as dental implant.


clinica de estética dental


Cosmetic and Implant dental clinic

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If your are not resident in São Paulo SP Brazil, please contact for a prior planning.


Scientific Coordinator

Dr. Roberto Markarian - CRO 73583

PhD in Implant - Univ SL Mandic (ongoing)

Master of Dental Prosthodontics, University of São Paulo - FOUSP





Estética Dental

Implante Dentário